Amanda's Story

Amanda Caldron has had a sincere love for and interest in animals since a young child, which ultimately became her passion and has fueled her quest for knowledge in their physical and psychological wellbeing. Her path began around 5-6 years old with Bandit, a husky they got as a family pet. With the best intentions, her family chose a beautiful puppy, which would turn out to be much more of a responsibility than they had imagined.  As is common with many pet owners due to lack of knowledge, her family lacked in his overall care by neglecting his exercise and mental needs. Bandit, was eventually euthanized because he was deemed unadoptable when he could no longer be kept in the family. This experience propelled Amanda to make a difference in the lives of the animals for which we claim responsibility and to help educate people, so they don’t repeat the pattern common to so many pet owners. It all started with Bandit, the beautiful Husky.  By 7-8 years old Amanda was going door to door asking the neighbors if their dog needed a walk or a bath. The joy of the interaction fueled her craving for the experience, and with that… Her life has gone to the dogs!! 

In her early years of animal care, Amanda bathed and groomed dogs, held training classes, served as a kennel manager, veterinary technician at a feline clinic and canine sports medical center.  This gave Amanda tremendous insight to shape proper behavior patterns for animals and their caretakers to work and play safely, avoid injury and how to manage injuries should they occur.  Amanda quickly learned that proper training for both the animal and their caretaker goes a long way to avoiding injuries and improves the overall lives of both.  

Through self-discovery in the industry and hobbies of rescue and competitive dog sports, her obsession, talents and interest grew. From the household pet to the world level competitor, Amanda can offer structured programs of training and education to benefit both the animal and caretaker. 

Achievements with Achilles

Achievements with Minion