Your dog learns expectations of them throughout various stages and environments of our day to day lives. We help them practice healthy coping skills to stressful obstacles or stimuli. We also teach them to use obedience games to navigate problematic impulses. The dogs know that learning is fun and teach them important communication skills that help your dog practice attentiveness and seek guidance and leadership from you. The dogs learn important skills like; place, sit, down, stay, heel, walking loose leash, recall, off, wait, go to sleep (crate), etc. Your dog will practice these skills in a variety of environments, under differing levels of distraction.

Obedience Programs Range:

Our choice-based and structured self-discovery theory offers a balanced approach to make learning enjoyable. When we nurture a playful and relaxed disposition we achieve a more receptive and enthusiastic participant. Our individual and custom approach to addressing your dog’s strengths and weaknesses; are influenced by historical evidence, the most modern and recent scientific statistics/research, and creative results.
We will be covering appropriate social behaviors, household manners, a marker communication system, leash skills, and communication, basic commands (sit, down, heel, place, come, etc). Social exposure. Incorporating distance, duration, and distraction. We will shape the behaviors desired for your dog to interact in day-to-day life, we will condition and expose the dog to real-world activities and circumstances to show them desired expectations. After we have established and communicated our expectations for their behavior during various lifestyle circumstances and encounters; we will prove their reliability by making sure they understand there are fair, clear, and undesirable consequences by not performing to standard. Upon completion of any lodge and learn program; handlers/owners will get a 2-3 days handlers course to practice and function back at home and in various real-world settings. The handlers course is to provide assisted coaching and meticulous instruction and insight into custom behavioral needs, practical drills to improve skills and improve relationships. The foundation of the program, the resources available during/after the program, and the personalized assisted instruction is meant to target each home’s compatibility and maintenance success.

We also have the MVP program available. This program allows for us to work at a more realistic pace for the dogs and owner, giving insightful and fun drills for the owner to enjoy the progressive stages of learning. We have witnessed and experienced a great deal of reliability and minimizing confusion and stress during these programs. Extended programs allow us to target behavioral and temperamental quirks while appreciating and satisfying their inherent strengths. By respecting the dog’s individuality, we are able to highlight strengths and improve weaknesses. These programs are often suited for families who travel frequently and may be boarding their dog often. This is also a fantastic option for breeders or parties interested in more detailed training; confirmation, service task training, protection, sport, etc. MVP programs range from 300-600/week for an intermittent supervised extended program for any cumulative programs that equate to a year in length.

Please let me know what you are most interested in. We will have availability toward the end of July, upon scheduling we will receive a deposit to reserve your program. Looking forward to working with you and learning more about your dogs and goals!

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