Puppy Development

Puppy Development programs are designed to keep the puppy learning about the world in a fun and positive way. This is equivalent to Pre K. Shaping and molding appropriate social behaviors and coping skills. We assess individual strengths/weaknesses and interests; and begin to nurture their inherent needs and independent motivators to outline our curriculum. We begin building important associations to help them learn the alphabet (in this case, their verbal and leash skills). This will start as our fundamental communication system. You can expect your puppy to learn important verbal reinforcers like “yes, no, good”. They will understand their name, recall/come, “go to sleep”/crate, “place”, “off”, “sit”, “walk”. We gear our program to help puppies be adaptable, happy and well adjusted in all environments and easily prepared for all phases of life. Ask our AKC evaluator to see if your puppy qualifies for the STAR Puppy Certificate upon completion of your program.

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