Mariah has been obsessed with dogs her whole life. Since she learned to talk she was asking for a dog, walking neighbors dogs, reading every dog book at her school library, watching all dog training shows. Anything she could do to be around dogs, the thought of professionally training dogs never crossed her mind. She started working at a boarding kennel after college; the owner asked her if she had ever thought of being a trainer, he believed she would enjoy it and have a natural talent for it. In 2012 she began learning to train dogs and earned 2 certificates from The New England K-9 School for Dogs in on and off leash obedience. She met Amanda while working at the boarding facility and was immediately inspired by Amanda. She didn’t have a dog at the time but she began going to Amanda’s club to learn everything she could to expand her skills. She got her first rescue dog, Athena, and fell in love with rescues. A few years ago she interned with Patriot K9 and never wanted to leave. She began working with rescues and learning to rehabilitate dogs who struggle with behavioral problem. Her goal is to help dogs and their people have a clear understanding of each other and a happier, more fulfilling life together.