Jesse's Story

  Jesse Cortez is a realistic, humble and considerably advanced craftsman of his trade. He has always shown enthusiasm and special interests in the canine mind. He started in 2010 involved in rescue, supporting great causes with Breed Specific Legislation towards the American Pitbull Terrier, and assisting many shelter and rescue efforts struggling with behavioral cases. Like many in the industry; he strived for more growth and took on every opportunity to learn possible, attending local training events, many shelter programs, and independent training amongst friends. In his earlier years, he unknowingly made a video that would change his life and open many other opportunities. The video of his rescue pitbull, Rocko, jumping a fence to pursue and obtain his threat went viral! This led him to his mentorship opportunity with a Schutzhund National Competitor, selling protection dogs and advancing Jesse’s interest in protection and organized sport. Jesse went on to compete to build many German Shepherds designed for family protection. He began competing in a variety of sports; from WDA, Dock Diving, PSA, personal protection tournaments, etc. to advance his skills as a competitor and handler, with his rescue American Bully, Polo, in 2015. Polo went on to become a symbol of BSL targeted rescue endorsements. Jesse worked hard plunging into his continued education; making cross country efforts to
attend the best of seminars and train/learn from some of the best in the business. Jesse initiated community and rescue efforts, staying true to his mission to help owners and dogs abroad; offering free or discounted services to humane societies, independent rescues, and adopting/training/placing difficult cases into appropriate working careers. He maintains the position of one of the most trusted bull breed enthusiasts in the Metro Atlanta area.