Selecting and training dogs for protection requires skill and knowledge of breeds, behaviors and lineage. A solid and dependable protection dog will be confident and well adjusted, balanced and clear headed and not outwardly aggressive. Appropriate drives are utilized to encourage socially tolerant dogs, capable of managing all situations and environments.
Proper attention to lineage, genetics and behavioral evaluation is the first step towards a rewarding relationship with your protection dog. Contrary to popular belief, well bred and trained protection dogs can make great family dogs, will not turn on you and are not mean natured. Training and selection matters!
Things to avoid when considering a dog for protection;

Just because a dog barks, doesn’t mean it will bite
Be cautious of “finished dogs” in 6 – 8 weeks
Claims of being from the bloodline of “champions” or “#1 dog in the world” and “imports”

Let us help guide you in selecting and training just the right dog for the important job of protecting you and your family.

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