Patriot K9 is an active and avid partner amongst many professionals in the industry. We have been fortunate to establish wonderful connections all around the world, and bring you the benefits of those  extended Partnerships. We are always looking to locate and purchase specialty canines capable of meeting the highly-specialized and unique needs of our clientele.

Finding the right dog is difficult for many; whether you aim to acquire a new family companion or a performance animal, rescue from a reputable organization or from a reputable breeder. 

With so much contradicting information readily available online and so many questionable “professionals” in the industry; we want to assure you that we have a history of referrals with breeders, rescues, and other trainers around the country. 

If you have interest in us finding you something specific for your family, don’t hesitate to contact us regarding your requests. We would happily assist you in the process by avoiding potential scammers, locating healthy dogs of PROVEN temperament, backed and guaranteed by the breeder, finding a reputable rescue, and coordinating appropriate shipping arrangements. 

We evaluate dogs from across the United States, Canada, and will begin operating with several well established overseas locations for inclusion into our working dog programs.

We strive to purchase dogs who are between the ages of 8–18 months and who possess the following characteristics:

We are routinely expanding our partnerships for our “Preferred Breeders Network”. We are happy to promote applicable and qualifying reputable breeders that can meet our standards (Minimum 2 yr health and performance guarantee against hereditary defects/conditions, ongoing breeder support, history of performance titles and certificates in lineage, history of medical clearances backed by specialty professionals ex. OFA/Pennhip/embark etc.) We often have requests for the following breeds:

We are looking for the following breeds of dogs for our green dog (single and dual purpose) programs:

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“I am a working dog first and a big couch potato second. I live and breathe all snuggles from kids. I am a gentle soul but a fierce protector. My trainers,
Patriot K9, are surprised by my athleticism, intelligence and sense of humor. We look forward to achieving many great things!!”

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Sophia is a female out of our Quddus/Jitz litter hand selected for her temperament to be raised as a family protection dog. She is such a balanced and easy dog to work with. Very high drive, athleticism and speed; while still being intuitively eager to please. She is affectionate and outgoing. She is going to make a family very happy; always making them feel loved and protected. If you’re looking for an extra sense of security in these crazy times, contact us for your next dog or seeing if your dog has what it takes to become a family protector.


Jinx is a compact, powerful and extremely fast female Dutch Shepherd/German Shepherd daughter of two personally, dual trained competition and protection dogs. She is a perfect blend of the breeds with enthusiasm, drive, clear headed and eager to please attitude towards her owner. All while being affectionate and with an off switch. She will require an active lifestyle and would make the ideal running or biking buddy. Her training is designed to accompany her person in all lifes activities. She is good with other male dogs, great with kids and has been exposed to an assortment of other animals. She is crate trained, obedience trained, and loves to swim or hike. She has traveled the country and been an exceptional riding pal.

She is started in her protection and always demonstrates full grips, speed and presence. She has an imposing and deep bark and will actively deter in her home surroundings. She is being trained as a level 2 protection dog, will come with a health & performance guarantee and is applicable for CGC & CGCU certificates.